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The Big Book of Intent

Ramp up revenue with intent data.

Cozy up and pause those notifications, The Big Book of Intent is here, hot off the press, ready to deliver seven-foot-tall intent data insights for rookies and seasoned vets alike.

What’s inside:

  • Intro to intent data
  • Using intent to align sales and marketing
  • Powering a full funnel strategy
  • Measuring intent-driven programs
  • Using G2 Buyer Intent

And we’re including a cheat sheet and tons of additional resources. No biggie.

Grab your copy

Target, engage, & convert in-market


Put your whole org in the winner’s circle.

Intent data arms marketing, sales, and customer success teams with in-market accounts so they can minimize spend and maximize ROI.


Increase pipeline and conversion rates.

Make your budget go farther. Target prospects with relevant, personalized content based on where they are in their buyer journey.


Fuel expansion and decrease churn.

Know when customers are researching the competition and reach out to drive deeper engagement.

Download the Big Book of Intent.

Learn to drive demand with G2 Buyer Intent.