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Your finger on the pulse of software:
market analysis & forecast based on 2023 trajectories

Sourced from G2’s incomparable wellspring of data, explore expert insights charting where software stands and what the future holds.

AI categories grew 44% YoY

That’s the fastest growth across all markets, indicating AI’s increasing impact.

AI, Security, & IT dominated trending markets

And earned leading Momentum scores. “Ease of use” and support were top concerns for reviewers.

AI’s presence was evident across essential software

CRM, Email Marketing, SEO Tools, and Project Management led the way in AI functionality.

AI enabled products were more likely to be recommended

AI enabled products scored higher in “ease of use” and “meet requirements” metrics. Overall, users were slightly more likely to recommend them.

2M+ shopped for Vertical Industry software

Buyers also flocked to Marketing, Marketing Automation, ERP, and Education tools.

69% of buyers expected ROI in under a year

The fastest time to ROI existed in Design, Housing, and Commerce. Longer ROI periods were present for HR, Supply Chain, and GRC software.

A story of AI, value-driven buyers, & the future.

G2’s State of Software is founded on our unique data and parsed using AI. Combined with expert analysis, we tracked how software markets have changed over the last year.

As we turn the page on a challenging year for the tech industry, it’s more important than ever that software sellers prove the value of their product to win, serve, and retain customers. We looked at data across all of G2 (2,100+ categories) to understand where buyers are finding the most value today.

Our Market Research team is excited to share our most recent State of Software. We hope the report illuminates where B2B software is and where it's heading next.

Stay tuned for the next State of Software. In the meantime, send your feedback to research@g2.com.

– Shaun Bishop, G2 Market Research

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