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G2 + Sigstr

You’re going to love G2 Profiles + Sigstr.

Get customers to write G2 reviews—and prospects to read your G2 reviews—directly from your Sigstr email signature.

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Cut through the noise.

Ensure customers and prospects see your message in a clean, uninterrupted medium.

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Customize your message.

Deliver true 1:1 marketing by customizing each CTA in your G2 signature block to align to its audience.

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Cultivate your prospects’ trust.

Promote authentic, G2 user reviews about your product in every email your company sends.

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Convert opportunities.

Target specific contacts, attribute their activity, and prioritize those who engage with your G2 profile.

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Connect your G2 Profile to your Sigstr email signature now!

Get customers to write your G2 reviews—and prospects to read them—directly from your Sigstr email signature.