Sales Outreach That Will Make Your Legal Team Happy

Everything you need to know about GDPR & CCPA compliance, explained in 30 minutes.

Get some clear, concise, actionable compliance advice from an expert — because selling in the Privacy Age is only getting harder.

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Don’t get in trouble.

Avoid tarnishing your reputation & getting sky-high fines.

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How GDPR and CCPA affect your Sales and Marketing outreach.

The messaging changes you need to make to be compliant.

How to answer your prospects’ questions about transparency, including “Why are you contacting me?” and “Where did you get my information?”

How using intent data can change your ability to start and progress Sales conversations.

What behavioral data constitutes legitimate interest for the GDPR.


Daniel Barber

CEO & Co-founder, DataGrail


Olivier L'Abbé

SVP of Sales, G2