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Where big ideas begin.

Find your aha moment using voice-of-the-customer data only G2 can deliver. Turn millions of data points collected on G2 into actionable insights about your product, competitors, and customers.

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Inspire smarter go-to-market strategies.

Find your aha moment.

High-five-worthy insights, simplified and accessible. Unmatched, in-depth data when you need it. All sourced from G2’s millions of authentic, timely reviews.

  • Get a leg up on the competition.

    Unwrap product perception data and trends. Measure market movement. Leave competitors in the dust.

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    • Intel to arm sales
    • Messaging and content themes
    • Product roadmap opportunities
  • Know where you win & why you lose.

    Competitor review data only G2 can provide. Understand where you’re winning, losing, and who’s stealing market share.

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    • Who’s making noise in your space
    • Categories sticking their nose into your market
    • Segments where you’re gaining or losing and why
  • Understand pricing & contract trends.

    Uncover market perceptions of your price and value relative to your competition.

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    • Pricing and packaging
    • Discount strategies
    • Contract lengths and terms

"This is already a part of my daily life. We’re delighted that we can find this kind of information on a competitor, and what we can provide to our leadership team is awesome. It’s dependable, repeatable, defensible data."

James RaffieldDirector of Competitive Intelligence, Druva

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Understand your customers, the competition, and market trends.