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Intent-Driven Advertising

How to Lower Your
on LinkedIn

Paid social campaigns provide higher ROI when you're targeting prospects that are actively searching for a solution like yours. This Guide shows you how to use G2 Buyer Intent to significantly improve your LinkedIn campaign performance.

You'll learn how to:

  • Target in-market prospects
  • Power your campaigns with the right content
  • Maximize your LinkedIn ROI and drive quality pipeline
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Shine a light
on your prospects.

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Laser-focused audience segments.

Target in-market accounts in real-time as they research your product and compare it with competitors.

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Funnel-fueled messaging.

Craft a content strategy based on specific G2 Buyer Intent signals. Adapt messaging according to where your buyers are in their journey and what they’re looking for.

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Improved ABM campaigns.

Combine intent data with prospect lists to create ABM strategies that uncover high quality leads.

Bring more opportunities into your pipeline.

Learn how you can reach in-market, active buyers on social thanks to G2 Buyer Intent + LinkedIn Matched Audiences.