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G2 + DealHub.io

Close bigger deals, faster

You can now use DealHub.io + G2 to seamlessly integrate compelling G2 reviews, reference pages, and reports into your DealHub.

Connect DealHub


DealHub.io has integrated with G2!


Step 1: Link

Link to G2 in your DealHub.io account to automatically assemble the G2 collateral needed to accelerate deals.


Step 2: Send

Send prospects your G2 reviews, reference pages, reports, and other compelling content in a single, digestible document.

Marketing (Funnel)

Step 3: Convert

Convert stakeholders and decision makers by providing the content and context they need to understand your value.


Provide content that’s proven to convert.

Proactively show buyers the content they’ll instinctively look for, including G2 reviews, reference pages, and reports—all within DealHub.

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Empower confident purchasing decisions.

Give every stakeholder all of the content—and context—they need to feel confident moving the deal forward.

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Upsell closed:won deals.

Transform deals into cross-sell opportunities by including relevant G2 reviews, reference pages, reports, and product content to stakeholders.

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Use G2 Content in every DealHub you send!

Accelerate deals and turn prospects into customers with G2 reviews, reference pages, and reports in personalized Dealrooms.