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Use a G2 Insight Subscription to uncover vital data about your products, customers, and competitors.

Get access to verified data about your business based on extensive user reviews.

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Stay in lockstep with your customers —
and a step ahead your competitors


Opportunities to improve your product, so you can innovate, differentiate, and win new business.


How new releases resonate with customers and gauge how new solutions impact user experience and NPS.


Why your customers switch — or stay — through an analysis of product, persona, or market fit.


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Collect competitive intelligence -- fast!

G2 does the heavy lifting on product, customer, and competitive intel with validated third party data -- so your internal teams don’t have to.


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Competitive Insight Reports

Available 2X year

Product Replacement

Uncover intel on users who have switched providers for a competitor -- and why.


Benchmark your product’s growth of reviews, employees, web traffic and social presence -- against the competition.


Compare products based on price, average contract length, and average discounts.


Score your product’s satisfaction score against your competitors -- and category.


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Grid® Reports

Uncover the Leaders in your category by comparing products based on user satisfaction and market presence scores.

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Index Reports

Break down the purchase journey with focused data on usability, implementation, relationship, or results.

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Get your Product & Competitive insights.

Tap into the largest source of marketplace insights available today -- yes, it’s that easy.

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