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G2 Stack

Reveal prospect tech stack data. Target with hyper-relevance.

G2 Stack is your ultimate prospecting cheat code. Add the enhancement to G2 Buyer Intent for an inside look at the tech buyers on G2 are using. Put real-time activity data to work alongside tech stack data for can’t miss targeting.

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Triple the insight, triple the success.


Find the right fit.

Pair up with complementary software solutions. Then, target prospects in those ecosystems.

Group 29

Integrate insights with ease.

Enhance your targeting with technographic data in HubSpot and LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

Group 20

Nail your outreach efforts.

Find the best-fit companies, personalize your sales strategies, and tell the right stories to target accounts.

Get reliable data, tailored data for your campaigns.

Access critical technographic data, pair it with your firmographic and demographic data, and layer it over integrations for optimal targeting.