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G2 + Snowflake

Bring G2 data into your source of truth.

G2’s proprietary Buyer Intent, Reviews, and Market Intelligence data can now be brought into your Snowflake Data Cloud. In a snap, maximize and measure the ROI of the data you purchase and analyze relevant buyer behavior trends from G2.

  • Combine data sources to gain a holistic view of your buyer’s journey
  • Measure ROI from your G2 data investments
  • Monitor trends across your customers, prospects, category and competitors

Get started

Three ways to integrate G2 and Snowflake.

  • Buyer Intent

    Monitor customer and prospect behavioral data when they are looking for solutions like yours on G2. Add intent signals into your buyer journey mapping.

  • Reviews

    Store all fields collected from your published reviews on every product listed on G2 and house them in a single access point.

  • Market Intelligence

    Better understand your customers, the competition, and industry trends through continuously updated data sourced from G2.

Streamline data workflows.

Group 23

Ditch data silos.

Make informed business decisions when data for all of your G2-listed products are in a single source of truth. Achieve flexibility from data sources and query any field from G2. Craft more complete data stories without the cliffhangers.

Group 40

Measure ROI from buyer intent data.

Combine G2 Buyer Intent with other 1st or 3rd party data for a more complete picture of the buying journey. Easily measure G2-sourced and influenced pipeline and revenue.

Group 43-1

Enrich data science models.

Map G2 data to other datasets in your systems of record. Marry sources to enrich existing models and inform product improvements, buyer journey mapping, review strategy, competitive positioning, and more.

Request access to G2 data in Snowflake.