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G2 Integrations for Deal Influence

Content proven to help you close more deals.

Lean into your G2 profile data to create compelling, persuasive proposals that close business.

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G2 makes these platforms more powerful.

Content Management Platforms

Integrate with PathFactory and Uberflip to help your Salespeople use G2 reviews, reports, and testimonials. Put compelling content directly in the hands of your salespeople.

g2-integrations-logo-pathfactory g2-integrations-logo-uberflip

Content Enablement Platforms

Integrate with DealHub.io and GetAccept to start including compelling, persuasive G2 Content in your sales proposals.

g2-integrations-logo-dealhub g2-integrations-logo-getaccept

Account-Based Platforms

Integrate with Sigstr to auto-generate relevant, highly visible reviews in your email signature.



Generate content

Arm your Sales and Customer Success teams with compelling content.

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Close deals

Push deals over the line with subtle, authentic nudges.

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Foster trust

Help your hunting teams get noticed by ideal prospects and win meetings.

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G2 Integrations for
Deal Influence

Content proven to help you close more deals.