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G2 Buyer Intent

Smarter pipeline, less guessing.

G2 Buyer Intent data uncovers accounts researching your solutions so you can market smarter and win more deals.

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Find Your Future Customers

G2 Buyer Intent shows you which companies are researching your category, your profile, and comparing you with your competitors. You can integrate these intent signals across your stack, powering your demand strategy with campaigns that convert.


Intent Data for Sales

Know which companies are researching you, so you can reach out when they are in their decision-making process.


Intent Data for Marketing

Create ABM campaigns from our intent data by targeting companies that are researching you, your competitors, or your category.


Intent Data for Customer Success

Retain your current customers who are researching your competitors and category.

Leverage intent across the funnel -- from acquisition to customer expansion.

Turn Intent Into Action

Results from customers’ buyer intent campaigns

Late-Stage Opps
total pipeline
lifetime ROI

Drive revenue with G2 marketing and selling solutions.

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