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On-Demand Webinar

The Power of

Intent Data.

Join us as leaders from G2 and Umbraco cover everything you need to know about buyer intent data and how to leverage it across your organisation.

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Umbraco uses G2 Buyer Intent data for…



Social media advertising is vital to any successful marketing mix. Umbraco combines G2 Buyer Intent data and LinkedIn Matched Audiences to nail timing and messaging at every stage of the funnel.



Sales teams want results. And fast. Integrating buyer intent data into their CRM provides Umbraco with more leads and more contracts signed.


Customer success

Churn. It keeps customer success teams up at night. With buyer intent data, Umbraco identifies when customers are looking at the competition so they can reach out at the right time, every time.

Meet the speakers:




Lars Skjold Iversen
Marketing Team Lead @ Umbraco

Lars Skjold Iversen is Marketing Team Lead at Umbraco, one of the world's leading open-source .NET content management systems. Lars joined Umbraco in 2019 as employee number 42 and has focused on scaling and automation marketing efforts in a company that has grown to more than 100 employees worldwide. He has been working with digital marketing since 2014, and before joining Umbraco, he worked as a digital marketing specialist at a creative agency, primarily working with the agency's B2B clients.


Oliver Kempton
Enterprise Customer Success Manager,

Oliver Kempton is a Customer Success Manager at G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. Joining G2 in 2020 as one of the company’s first EMEA-based Customer Success Managers, Oliver serves as a strategic partner to software vendors in the region, supporting them on their journey to gain industry recognition and build their digital footprint. Prior to G2, he held account management and sales roles at Gartner and Tesla.

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