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G2 Review Form Custom Questions

Open the door to deeper customer insights.

In-depth user understanding just got a whole lot simpler.

  1. Add up to two unique questions to your G2 Review Form.
  2. Collect answers about user experience and sentiment.
  3. Apply insights to marketing and product strategies.
*Free for all G2 customers.

Expanded understanding, explained by the experts.

Hungry for more details? Rachel G., product and user content whiz, explains what you need to know about Customer Questions--and then some.

After watching, check out our blog covering all of Rachel’s answers.

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Product insights galore.

Ask questions garnering insights into customer sentiment, product usage, and feature favorability.

Own your time.

Analyze a treasure trove of user data without wasting time and money on research firms.

Masterful marketing.

Apply deeper understandings to ABM strategies, audience segmentation, and persona development.

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“Custom Questions will help our customers better understand their users, collect data for segmentation purposes, and identify key product personas.”

Rachel G.

Associate Project Manager, UGC


Deeper insights, stronger strategies.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Gain customer insights, collect data, and save time.

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