Rev Up Your Rev Org

Watch this webinar where we share tactics and strategies to help you enable your reps to book more qualified meetings, close deals more efficiently, and stop churn in its tracks—all through Buyer Intent.

Meet the speakers:




Maggie Taylor Aherne
Director of Operations, KickFire

Maggie Taylor Aherne is currently the Director of Revenue Operations and Customer Success at KickFire, where she leverages her background of product support plus sales and marketing technology to help organizations and KickFire's partners maximize their use of first-party intent and IP address intelligence data for their top of funnel revenue generation.


Megan Miedema
Manager, MM CS, G2

Megan Miedema spent 10 years in media sales before joining the tech world and moving to Customer Success. She joined G2 in November 2018 and helped our largest enterprise customers operationalized buyer intent and drive ROI from a partnership with G2. Earlier this year Megan changed roles and is now leading G2's mid-market customer success team.