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G2 + Terminus

ABM, faster than ever.

Never export and import data between G2 and Terminus again. Sync your G2 Buyer Intent and Terminus accounts to create ultra-targeted ABM campaigns in seconds.

Connect Terminus


Terminus now integrates with G2:


Step 1: Sync

Sync your G2 and Terminus accounts in minutes—and never export/import data again.


Step 2: Populate

Populate your Terminus “Audience Source” with your G2 Buyer Intent data.


Step 3: Engage

Test which messaging resonates best with your prospects.


Faster ABM campaign creation.

Instantly populate your Terminus “Audience Source” with your G2 Buyer Intent data.

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Create ultra-targeted lists.

Use your G2 Buyer Intent data to capture companies actively researching your product.

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Launch ultra-timely campaigns.

Get your message back in front of prospects before your competitors sneak in.

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Sync your G2 and Terminus accounts!