G2 + Uberflip

Earn trust with validated, personalized marketing.

G2 and Uberflip have integrated to power sales and marketing teams with hyper-personalized, user-validated content.

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Use G2 Content & Uberflip to:


Turn your customers into advocates.

Let your happiest customers validate your marketing.

Pull G2 reviews, reports, quotes, reference pages, and video testimonials into each Uberflip content experience to prove your claims.


Personalize each customer journey.

Appeal to each prospect's unique set of challenges, needs, and use cases.

Sort your G2 reviews by region, industry, and persona use case, so you can use each Uberflip content experience to tell a compelling, relevant story.


Create less while you convert more.

Captivate your customers with the content you already own.

Sift through your existing marketing-originated and G2-sponsored content to pull together the best, most compelling pieces to deliver at the perfect moment.

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Convert more prospects by bringing G2 reviews, quotes, reports, and
videos into your Uberflip marketing experience today!