G2 + Slack®

Bloop. Your product has a new G2 review.

G2 has an integration with Slack®, so you can get real-time notifications everytime someone leaves you—or your competitor—a review.

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Never missing a review means…


Sales reaches out to warm prospects sooner…

Bloop. Every time your competitors get a negative review, so you can reach out with a better solution.


Marketing capitalizes on case study opportunities...

Bloop. Every time a customer is thrilled with your product, so you can secure a valuable case study.


Customer Success nips customer issues in the bud…

Bloop. Every time a customer is upset, so you can reach out with a solution sooner rather than later.

G2 & Slack Screenshots

One click away from real-time notifications.

Get real-time G2 Review notifications to help your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams get the timing right.

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