G2 + Clearbit Prospector

Your ideal point of contact is out there.

Hone in on ideal contacts by integrating Clearbit Prospector data with your G2 Buyer Intent.

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Clearbit Prospector + G2 Buyer Intent:


Step 1: Activate

Activate the integration, enter your Ideal Customer Profile, and start getting targeted lead recommendations immediately.


Step 2: View

View the top 5 targeted recommended leads in the company timelines of your G2 Buyer Intent.


Step 3: Message

Message your ideal point of contact at companies that are actively researching your product on G2.


Find your ideal contact at any company.

Match the accounts actively viewing your G2 profile with suggested contacts from Clearbit, populated in real-time.

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Close deals faster than ever before.

Use Buyer Intent signals to reach out to your ideal contact as they’re actively researching you on G2.

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