G2 + Cognism

A business development breakthrough!”

If prospecting new business is part of your job, lean on this new integration to explode the quality and quantity of the contacts you get.

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Contacts, served up on a silver platter.

So you can spend less time finding prospects and
more time crafting your pitch.


Step 1

Discover companies researching your product.

Use Buyer Intent data to learn which companies are researching your product on G2.com.

Millions of businesses use G2.com every month to inform their next purchase. Buyer Intent data will show you the companies interested in your software or service.

Step 2

Find the best person to reach out to.

Use Cognism Prospector to find the best person to reach out to at each company.

Cognism’s leading global database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies will show the decision makers you should be emailing and calling on.



Step 3

Get the latest contact data.

Get up-to-date, GDPR-compliant data that creates leads, conversations, and sales.

Timely G2 Buyer Intent data + ultra-accurate Cognism Prospector contact data = more sales conversations that close more often.

Powerful B2B Contact Generation

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