Your just got way more powerful

Sync your G2 Buyer Intent and your accounts — and start auto-targeting companies that are actively researching you on G2.

Sync with G2 Buyer Intent! now integrates with G2

Step 1: Connect

Connect your G2 Buyer Intent and accounts.
It’s simple!

Step 2: Target

Target buyers researching solutions like yours on G2.
It’s fast!

Step 3: Test

Test which messagings resonates best with your prospects.
It’s powerful!

Target prospects visiting your G2 profile

Create custom audiences

Use G2 Buyer Intent data to generate custom audiences for the hundreds of micro-campaigns created through

Sync Accounts



Reach your in-market Buyers

Target buyers that are actively researching your profile, category, or competitors on G2 with the perfect message.

Sync Accounts

Test go-to-market messaging

Learn what resonates with your prospects by tailoring messaging to actively researching buyers.

Sync Accounts